Cocoa Links, Part of a Good Breakfast

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to put together some good lists of links for Mac developers.

Here’s my first one, a list of Cocoa sites.

It’s based on a list from Paul Gobble of StudioBox, Inc. Thanks, Paul! I’ve edited the list and expanded it with my own contributions.

I’ll be adding to this in the future, as well as finding a permanent home for it. Feel free to suggest your own additions in the comments or, once they’re turned off, by emailing me. Enjoy!

Big Nerd Ranch, classes, books, and online resources, by Aaron Hillegass and others:

Blackhole Media BSD-Licensed Goodies:

Borkware LLC, some projects with source, MacEdition links, etc., by Mark Dalrymple and others:

CamelBones, an Objective-C/Perl bridge framework, by Sherm Pendley:

Cocoa Dev Central, articles for “Cocoa newbies”:

CocoaDev, an OS X developer wiki (community-edited info site):

The Cocoa Files, writings by Andrew Stone:

Cocoa Literature List, by Jeff Biggus:

Deep Cocoa, OpenGL tutorials by Katherine Tatters:

Karelia Software‘s Cocoa Open Source:, articles, focus on Open Source, by O’Reilly:

Mamasam, a Resource Center for Cocoa Developers
Searchable archive of Apple’s cocoa-dev and OmniGroup’s MacOSX-dev mailing lists, and other resources.

The Omni Group developer mailing lists:

Note the Omni Group does the Right Thing with its mailing lists and provides compressed archives for previous years’ messages. Apple? Hello? If you want such a feature yourself for Apple’s lists, see my rather high-bandwidth solution (original link and update).

Ranchero Software Weblog:

More Ranchero-provided Cocoa samples can be found at

Unofficial cocoa-dev FAQ, by Alastair Houghton:

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