Welcome to HelpfulTiger!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the HelpfulTiger weblog!

Why am I having a Grand Opening now, when I’ve already been posting for months?

For one, HelpfulTiger now has a new look! The new look is courtesy of Mark Abrams of look! designs, to whom I owe many thanks.

For two, I’m also officially re-introducing the Membrane library, something I’m very excited about.

For three, I’m introducing a new topic, “About a Blog”, where I’ll be discussing weblog news (like this).

And for four, I’m unveiling a new look, also courtesy of Mr. Abrams, for this weblog’s sister site, Umbar.com, where you’ll find Web pages devoted to some of the topics touched on in this weblog as well as my other projects. If you ever find yourself rummaging through the posts on this blog trying to find that download or list I mentioned, you should probably check out Umbar.com first.

And as always, enjoy!

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