WWDC from the Back, and Anthracite

So guess which one of these webloggers is me (Also see the full post. The picture pages have a lot of links to Mac webloggers.) This may be the only picture of me you get, so enjoy. I’m afraid I crashed the event, having found out about it only an hour or two beforehand.

Not pictured, but sitting to my left for most of the evening: Joe Pezzillo, founder of Metafy. The interface of his star product, Anthracite, looks really cool. Go see what it does for yourself, it’s difficult to explain. But aren’t the screenshots purty? Despite the name, somehow I don’t think it involves carbon.

3 thoughts on “WWDC from the Back, and Anthracite”

  1. If you wanna photoshop your head in place of mine in a lot of those pictures, you are more than welcome to. I think Buzz was having too much fun taking my picture. 😛

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