A Colossal Tease

You’ve heard of text adventure games, also known as IF for “interactive fiction,” right? On my IF page, I mention the (award-winning, natch) games I’ve written, Small World and Rematch. I also mention Colossus, a larger game that was supposed to be the successor, though otherwise unrelated, to Small World.

Most game writers dream of the Big Game, their Magnum Opus: years to write, months to play, a work that advances the form in some significant fashion. An in-depth experience akin to reading a novel, full of fiendish puzzles, compelling character development, and satisfying plot twists. Colossus was going to be that game for me.

I had several ideas about it. It was going to be the IF equivalent of a sci fi blockbuster. I even wrote a “teaser” for it, a mini-game at the start of Dan Shiovitz’s (also sci fi-themed) Bad Machine, released (gulp) going on 6 years ago now. As MacTADS took longer and longer, I thought I would write it in MacTADS once it was finished, using the newer version 3 of the TADS language.

I’m no longer sure that Colossus is what I want to spend the next year or two of my free time on, but hey, who knows?

In the meantime, the teaser’s pretty fun. I may polish it a bit and release it as a tiny standalone game, but the joker is that I’d need to use my old, Classic-only, unfinished MacTADS tools to do it, since TADS Workbench for Macintosh only supports TADS 3 currently. Such is life!

And, please, don’t laugh at the “Fall 1999” release date, OK?

One comment

  1. Mark

    Still fun to play!

    Esp. when you get into that ’98 / ’99 groove… i.e., watching the Matrix in the Dock, listening to the Backstreet Boys’ classic “Millenium”, and twiddling your thumbs anxiously all the while about Y2K. ; )