A Colossal Tease

You’ve heard of text adventure games, also known as IF for “interactive fiction,” right? On my IF page, I mention the (award-winning, natch) games I’ve written, Small World and Rematch. I also mention Colossus, a larger game that was supposed to be the successor, though otherwise unrelated, to Small World.

Most game writers dream of the Big Game, their Magnum Opus: years to write, months to play, a work that advances the form in some significant fashion. An in-depth experience akin to reading a novel, full of fiendish puzzles, compelling character development, and satisfying plot twists. Colossus was going to be that game for me.

I had several ideas about it. It was going to be the IF equivalent of a sci fi blockbuster. I even wrote a “teaser” for it, a mini-game at the start of Dan Shiovitz’s (also sci fi-themed) Bad Machine, released (gulp) going on 6 years ago now. As MacTADS took longer and longer, I thought I would write it in MacTADS once it was finished, using the newer version 3 of the TADS language.

I’m no longer sure that Colossus is what I want to spend the next year or two of my free time on, but hey, who knows?

In the meantime, the teaser’s pretty fun. I may polish it a bit and release it as a tiny standalone game, but the joker is that I’d need to use my old, Classic-only, unfinished MacTADS tools to do it, since TADS Workbench for Macintosh only supports TADS 3 currently. Such is life!

And, please, don’t laugh at the “Fall 1999” release date, OK?

One thought on “A Colossal Tease”

  1. Still fun to play!

    Esp. when you get into that ’98 / ’99 groove… i.e., watching the Matrix in the Dock, listening to the Backstreet Boys’ classic “Millenium”, and twiddling your thumbs anxiously all the while about Y2K. ; )

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