Just One More Thing…

So if you haven’t been reading the comments, there’s already something similar to what I want out of a file-specifying widget in the standard Open and Save dialog boxes, if you just hit Cmd-Shift-G to bring up a separate little utility dialog.

But I don’t want a separate, after-the-fact solution, sprung on the unsuspecting user like a last Columbo question. I want something integrated.

Speaking of after-the-fact, one thing about Panther that really bugs me is is the FileVault prompt to save space in your encrypted file. There’s no preference in the UI for “always do this,” nor is it part of the “Are you sure you want to log out” dialog box. Nope, it’s just thrown in there after everything else. Instead of making the hard choices of what other UI to change to incorporate this new workflow aspect, they went the easy route: easy for the developer, a pita for the user. I’m both a (picky) user and a developer who tries to do the right thing, so this sort of thing makes my head explode.

One thought on “Just One More Thing…”

  1. I actually like the command-shift-g behavior, as it matches the Finder’s behavior for the same keystroke. However, I despise the fact that, without knowing about it in advance, there is no way to find out from the GUI presented. In the finder, it’s attached to a menu command, so normal exploration of the available menus will reveal this incredibly useful command, but there is no such menu in the save/open dialog (because it is hosted within another application, and as such does not have its own menubar).

    The same goes for other commands such as:


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