An Elementary Audigone: Watson

As noted in the comments of my first Audigone post, I forgot a very prominent Audigone, Karelia Software‘s Watson.

Watson is the real deal: sold for money, confronted with new features in Sherlock 3 (10.2 Jaguar) that did similar things for free, and now cancelled. See this 9/02 O’Reilly interview with chief architect Dan Wood for details.

The partial good news is that Dan Wood was able to get some money for the technology from Sun. The bad news is that Sun appears to be sitting on the technology, so a new cross-platform product based on it may not appear soon. The other good news is that Karelia is apparently working on something new.

Now, it’s interesting to note, Watson was cancelled because, to keep up with the outside service providers, Dan Wood would have had to spend ongoing effort updating Watson. Contrast that with other utilities I classify as almost-Audigone because they’re still technically supported, but “support” means at most doing a dot update for each new OS release.

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