You’re Soaking in It!: MarsEdit

Considering I’ve already paid for NetNewsWire, it didn’t make much sense that I hadn’t downloaded MarsEdit.

1) It’s free for NetNewsWire users, but only for “all 1.x versions.”

Being upfront about future charges, unlike the Bare Bones‘ switcheroo from BBEdit Lite (free) to TextWrangler (not free), is the right approach in my book.

2) It supports the weblog publishing system I’m using, though there does appear to be some missing functionality.

3) It has the conveniences that local applications usually have over Web applications, such as local saving of documents, easy maintenance of multiple windows, and dedicated UI.

This will be my first post written in MarsEdit, so let’s see if it works!

Update: There were some technically difficulties, as evidenced by the multiple posts, lack of category, and some formatting errors, but it seems to be going better now.

MarsEdit’s Help is exceptionally detailed for a beta application, though of course I didn’t turn to it at first!

There’s also an interesting combination of document-based and non-document based user interface. Each post is like a document, but there’s also a main window, for seeing all the post “documents” and managing your weblogs. I believe Brent Simmons refers to it as the “email model.” Still, I don’t yet equate multiple weblogs with multiple email accounts. Maybe it will after I use MarsEdit enough.

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