I Think Icon, I Think Icon…

For my new release of TADS Workbench for Macintosh, I’d like to get it a new icon for it.

It’s a freeware app, so I’m not going to be able to pay rates that I assume commercial companies would require.

Are there freelance designers out there who do this on the side? I realize this might be like asking, “Is there a freelance programmer who will write my app on the side?” but it’s worth a shot.

Could I use a generic app icon from one of the free icon sets out there? Sure, but I’d like to explore other options first.

3 thoughts on “I Think Icon, I Think Icon…”

  1. You could always download the Apple Aqua Icon Kit and make your own icon. Oh, that’s right, Apple mysteriously yanked that kit — too many mere coders stealing work from graphic artists 🙂

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