Two things:

(1) I remember reading somewhere, probably a weblog, about how test-driven development was acknowledged to be a Bad Idea for UI and security. I think it was security. I know UI was one of them. Anybody know where this was originally written? I’ve already garnered some link karma, so help me out, LazyWeb!

(2) I have been reading about test-driven development for the sake of a specific project. A project, it has occurred to me, which involves both Objective-C and C++.

For Objective-C, there are already at least two unit-testing frameworks:

Both have Xcode integration.

C++ seems less clear-cut. In fact, a Google search on “test-driven development C++” turns up this link: “Much harder than it should be”. Still, the article mentions two frameworks:

  • CppUnit, preferred but still merely “about it”
  • TUT Framework, which requires “strongly template-compliant compiler” – a good sign

Since my project uses Xcode, and OCUnit et al already integrates with Xcode, of course I want a C++ framework that also integrates with Xcode.

Anybody doing this already?

Update: It occurs to me that I can use OCUnit or UnitKit to test my C++ code – even if all the code involved is in C++, the test method can still be Objective-C. That’s probably the route I’ll go, just to save time.

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