You may have received the impression from my last post, in my ongoing saga to get a OCUnit testing setup I’m happy with, that I had everything built and working correctly.

You would be wrong.

What I had working correctly was the modification of my – rather complex – project file to use two embedded frameworks for, respectively, most of the app’s source code and its tests.

But my testing framework was still strongly linked to the application.

What I’ve done since then is gotten my project to work with a weakly-linked testing framework, and made aggregate targets that can, without any recompilation, either run the application with the tests or run the application without the tests, merely by copying in or removing the testing framework.

It’s still far more complicated and fragile than I would like, but it works! And in addition, in order to placate my demanding readers, I have made a far simpler sample Cocoa document-based application, called MyDocApp, which has all the same changes I made to my complicated project, and a README file which explains what those changes were. It’s a long list!

MyDocApp is available at


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