Subversion Reversion: “Icon\r” Boom Unrepeatable?

Uli, in the comments for my last post, said “Might be a good idea to report this as a bug in SVN so they can fix it.”

Sentiments like that can only end in tears, I tell ya!

There’s already a Subversion bug covering one part of the behavior I saw, 1830: Dump format does not handle newlines in filenames.

In the comments for that bug, the developers seem to have come to the conclusion that they would fix the problem by disallowing files with newlines.

And they seem to have succeeded! In trying to reproduce the bug, I found that I could not add an “Icon\r” file to a repository either by import or by add. In both cases, I got the error message: Invalid control character '0x0d' in path 'xxx/Icon

Now, I know I never added the “Icon\r” files explicitly myself. I thought I might have done it in the initial import, but the tests I ran above say no.

Although…this could be a difference between the Subversion 1.1.4 package (or maybe even earlier) I originally used and the Subversion 1.2.0rc4 package I upgraded to when trying to investigate the problem.

That seems like the most probable, not to mention hopeful, explanation, so I’m going to leave it at that.

Note: With this post, I have used four words from RhymeZone that rhyme with “subversion,” out of a total of twelve. Eight to go!

I’m now also using subtitles, so the post names are at least somewhat comprehensible. And no, your memory isn’t playing tricks: I retroactively added subtitles to the first two Subversion posts.

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