There’s been a lot of press recently about Apple announcing a switch to Intel chips at WWDC tomorrow.

Just like in my last pre-conference post, I have a bit of information that may not have come your way yet. So here goes:

Per my sources, Apple is going to be relying on Intel in a big, new way. Where all the other so-called “news” sources get it wrong however, is in what Apple will be licensing from Intel:

Industrial design.

One source says, “We’ve really taken a pounding in the press for our crappy cases. Steve Jobs took one look at this and was on the phone immediately.”

When pressed further about the advantages of such a design, the source said, “Well, it’s, um, gray. And it has a big white button! We would never have thought of that.”

There you have it.

Update: Problems with the link, so here’s another link.

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