Subversion Dispersion: Searching “Tiger”+“Subversion”

If I’m remembering it correctly, Luis de la Rosa, whom I met at the WWDC 2005 Weblogger Dinner tonight, mentioned how, when he searched on “Tiger” and “Subversion” in Google, instead of getting Apple documentation on using Subversion with Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger,” he got…me!

Aww! You like me, you really really like me!

Or, y’know, maybe not. So for those of you coming from Google (hi!), here’s a link to the very helpful Xcode 2.1 User Guide chapter on using Subversion with Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”.

One thought on “Subversion Dispersion: Searching “Tiger”+“Subversion””

  1. I also came from google… wanted to read if there were any incompatibilities.. thks 4 the link 😉

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