Getting All Shirty

When I first created this blog, I didn’t work for Apple, and Mac OS X 10.4’s codename, “Tiger,” hadn’t yet been announced.

So when it was, I prided myself on being ahead of the curve. Perhaps…evening inventing the curve?

Now, at WWDC, my prescience has once again been demonstrated for all the world to see:

Very orange t-shirt with white WWDC2005 text

Apple even borrows my blog background for such important things as its engineering shirt color.

Next thing you know, they’ll have an application called “Help”….

5 thoughts on “Getting All Shirty”

  1. Are there many things more demeaning than having to wear construction-orange polo shirts that are completely unreusable?

    (Actually, the woman at the Apple desk told me not to fret, because “orange is the new black.”)

  2. Your *real* prescience is in your choice of icon: isn’t that a Leopard on that ball, not a Tiger?


  3. Interesting observation, Rob. Apparently, Andrew’s blog is, like, some kinda crystal ball in which we can discern shadowy shapes of the murky future. Call the rumor sites!

    I look forward eagerly to future design tweaks. 😉

  4. I wonder if this means that the OS release after Leopard is going to be called “Glowing Blue Ball”…

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