New Linked Blogs!

I’m adding a couple of developer blogs to my list:

Theobroma Cacao, by Scott Stevenson. At first glance, I thought the blogger’s name might be “Theobroma Cacao,” but that’s just because I didn’t know that it’s the Latin name for the plant from which chocolate is made. Mmm, chocolate. He has a bunch of posts about WWDC 2005, though, to be fair, no shirt pictures.

Xcode Experiences, by Marshall Clow, his blog about moving from CodeWarrior to Xcode, since CodeWarrior will not be supporting the Universal Binary format required to run on Intel Macs. Marshall’s blog was the impetus for my last post about CodeWarrior and Xcode.

Ridiculous Fish, by Peter Ammon, an AppKit developer. Buzz Andersen, also on my list, introduces Peter’s blog here.

Though Buzz also seems to have changed his RSS feed URL sometime in the last 3 months, from to, which caused my NetNewsWire feed of his blog to go dead. Bad Buzz!

Welcome, everybody!

2 thoughts on “New Linked Blogs!”

  1. Yeah, I think I lost a lot of people with my WordPress switch. I tried to redirect as many of the old variants of my RSS URL as I could, but unfortunately I couldn’t redirect that particular variant using mod_rewrite.

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