Untied III: Furniture (Table) Polish

I used my last post to concentrate on the features I could implement with a data source-backed table, but not with a Cocoa bindings-backed table.

But the Category02.zip sample code from my last post has more to it than that.

For instance, in the data source-backed table, if you add a category – which starts with a blank name – and hit return without typing anything in, it deletes the category completely, under the assumption that you must not have wanted it if you weren’t going to give it a name.

However, if you erase the name of an existing category and hit return, it reverts it to the old name, just like the Finder does. This is a nice “cancel editing” shortcut, since Undo may not take you back all the way to the original name if you type enough.

One bit of polish I didn’t implement, but which I would want in a real app, is Escape key support. If you hit the Escape key or Command-period, it should abort editing.

I have a tendency to overdo my sample applications, so I think I’ll stop here with the category table features. Next up: the detail view of “thing” entries. (See the original post for the overall description of the Categorizer application.)

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