Any Sufficiently Advanced…

Others have commented on how the style of the iTunes 5.0 interface is different than any other Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” application. What’s more interesting to me is the contents of the new interface.

They finally added groups! I mean, folders. But they kept most of the wacky, colorful smart groups, I mean, sources, from 4.9:

iTunes 5.0 Xcode 2.1
Xcode iTunes iTunes Xcode

All of this leads me to rule #1 (No, not that rule #1!):

Any sufficiently advanced Mac OS X application is indistinguishable from Xcode.

2 thoughts on “Any Sufficiently Advanced…”

  1. What do you mean it’s not like any of Tiger App?!

    Surely iTunes is simply following the new style that Apple adopted with the new version of Mail, along with spotlight.

    Personally I like the new direction they are going in. They do need to work on consistency though

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