Subversion Immersion: Changing How I Write My Home Projects

One of the things that sank my MacTADS project was that I let my perfectionist tendencies take over. It wasn’t enough to have things work: the files had to be formatted exactly the same way, had to use the exact same techniques everywhere, had to have exactly the right behavior.

I didn’t use an SCM system then.

Now that I’m using Subversion, I’m finding something pretty cool: the rewriting tendency is more easily resisted.

Instead of letting one thing lead me to another, and then to another (“OK, I’ve fixed that bug, but I’ve noticed this other inconsistency, I’ll just do a big find-and-replace to regularize that….”), I now have to stop and think, what kind of comment would I check that in with? Does it really make sense to lump together this two, or three, or five different changes? When I started out only wanting the first? All right, then, undo the beginnings of the other changes, check in what I have, and call it a night.

Now, if I didn’t care about the organization of my Subversion repository, this wouldn’t be a problem. I might not even use comments for my checkins! (There’s a circle of Hell reserved for such people, btw.) But I’m a perfectionist, remember?

Now, I haven’t yet turned this into greater productivity. I’m not getting things done faster. But I do think I’m avoiding getting things done even slower….

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  1. Oh, how I know what you mean… Using a repository somehow adds structure to your project. It’s very helpful in keeping on track, besides the other obvious benefits of an SCM.

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