Detach the Keynote

Is there any reason for a Steve Jobs keynote to be associated with WWDC any longer?

Originally, such keynotes were the only way Apple made big splashy announcements. Then, Apple starting having its own special events. Then, Apple killed off its MacWorld keynote, so that all announcements were special announcements. Except the ones made at the WWDC keynote.

But is such a keynote necessary? And is it appropriate? There’s fewer and fewer pro announcements to even make, given Apple’s current focus on consumer hardware and software. Steve could’ve given this latest presentation at a special event entirely separate from WWDC and no one would’ve blinked.

Instead, it gets tacked on to a developer conference it has less and less in common with, meaning hard-to-get tickets are purchased by journalists and news organizations solely to be able to cover the keynote itself. Sure, developers get a chance to see Steve “live”, but given the long lines to get in, the chance of actually seeing it live are getting lower and lower each year.

Detach the keynote, and more developers can go. Maybe WWDC won’t sell out as fast. Maybe it won’t be as flashy, won’t make as much of a bang. But y’know what? It shouldn’t! It’s a freakin’ developer conference! Its focus should be, y’know, developers.

Detach the keynote, Apple.


Won’t be at WWDC itself, but might see you around at one of the parties.

I won’t be attending WWDC this year, which is a pretty big change for me, having presented there previously for 3 years in a row.

Since I live in San Francisco, however, I will be attending some of the parties and get-togethers and seeing old friends. I will be able to do this having gotten enough rest and relaxation for the preceding several months, which, again: new experience. May take some getting used to.

Hope to see you there.