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I’m constantly amazed by the volume and quality of Mac and iOS programming posts I see from my NetNewsWire feeds. When I mentioned this on Twitter, I was asked, well, what blogs do I read? Below are the feeds that I think are most useful to publicize for Mac/iOS programmers. (I’ll be updating my blogroll in a bit.)

These blogs don’t necessarily have just one focus. They combine higher-level programming philosophy and practices as well as specific coding examples, along with other miscellaneous topics and even app reviews thrown in. These authors are often especially helpful and funny on Twitter, so don’t miss out.

iPhone Development top-notch commentary and code by Jeff LaMarche (jeff_lamarche on Twitter)
Matt Legend Gemmell just stellar combo of design ideas, code, and experiences by, who else? Matt Gemmell (mattgemmell on Twitter)
ChrisAshworth.org crude diagrams, indie best practices, and this sublime post on app pricing, by Chris Ashworth (Chris_Ashworth on Twitter)
Alan Quatermain by Jim Dovey of Kobo (alanQuatermain on Twitter)
rentzsch.tumblr.com by Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch, ran the C4 indie developer conference (rentzsch on Twitter)
inessential.com and the linkblog ranchero.com by Brent Simmons, author of NetNewsWire (brentsimmons on Twitter)
Red Sweater Blog by Daniel Jalkut (danielpunkass on Twitter)
Dave Dribin’s Blog by, you guessed it, Dave Dribin (ddribin on Twitter)
Lap Cat Software Blog often contrarian observations and more by Jeff Johnson of Rogue Amoeba (lapcat on Twitter)

In-Depth Coding
These blogs are an amazing, amazing source of code and programming tips.

NSBlog by Mike Ash (mikeash on Twitter)
Cocoa with Love by Matt Gallagher

Fascinating low-level developer blogs. They aren’t updated very frequently, though, so stick ’em in your RSS reader and forget about ’em until the next cool post comes along.

ridiculous_fish by “an engineer on the AppKit team”
Hamster Emporium by Greg Parker

Design Blogs
Concentrate more on the look and the user experience of applications than their underlying code.

Well-Placed Pixels, no commentary, just example after example of beautiful software. No author listed.
ignore the code by Lukas Mathis (LKM on Twitter)
iPhone & iPad UX Reviews by Suzanne Ginsburg (suzanneginsburg on Twitter)

Then there are the tech commentary blogs. Little-to-no specific programming content, but whip-smart observations about Apple, the Mac/iOS programming scene, and other tech companies.

Daring Fireball by John Gruber (gruber on Twitter)
Marco.org by Marco Arment, lead developer of Tumblr and Instapaper (marcoarment on Twitter)
Apple Outsider by Matt Drance (drance on Twitter)
asymco, frequently-updated business analysis by Horace Dediu
Smoking Apples, Mac/iOS news and review site, by Milind Alvares, Preshit Deorukhkar, and team
Waffle, by Jesper
venomous porridge observations, rants, and sometimes vulgar but always amusing content, by Dan Wineman (dwineman on Twitter)
Sharing the truth one thread at a time, no author listed

There’s more, but this has already taken me several hours to put together and verify, so I’m going to stop here and update it with more content later.

Hope this is useful! Let me know if you spot any typos and such.

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