Two for One

I have several ideas for apps that involve both a Mac and an iOS component. (Let’s just skip past exactly what they are, for now.)

Before the Mac App Store existed, I had pondered what to do about the Mac component for these ideas. Just have a free download, and make money off the iOS component? That would require that the iOS portion be the truly unique and valuable part of the equation. But that’s doable.

Now that the Mac App Store does exist, it should be relatively easy to put each component in its respective store, even if one of them is still free.

But I want more.

For one, I’d like a way to sell both components as one unit. Pay one price, trigger a download both for the Mac and for your iOS devices. Otherwise, after you find and start downloading the first piece, you then have to go hunting for the second in the other store.

For two, now that Apple has an official means of delivering both iOS apps and Mac apps, I’d love for them to add an official means for apps in those two worlds to communicate. I’ve received some advice on Twitter and at the iPhone OS Developer weekly meetup in San Francisco at Noisebridge on ways to facilitate communication, but my impression is that there can still be a lot of hassle involved. I want something neither the user nor the programmer (but mostly the user) has to fiddle with very much.