The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me

Lukas Mathis has a great post on performing complex tasks—as opposed to “multitasking”—on iOS.

I’d like to tie this back to John Gruber’s ongoing iPad creation vs. consumption argument. He’s consistently portrayed it as ludicrous that anyone would doubt the ability to make creative works on the iPad. For example, “Insert your own smirking mockery of those who insist the iPad is only for consumption and not creation here.” from “The Chair”.

But it’s not ludicrous, and Mathis shows why. Simple creative tasks on the iPad? Sure. Complex creative tasks? Hell no, and by design. If it’s the future of computing…the future’s still missing some pretty big stuff. It’s missing me, as a creative person who works primarily via complex tasks.

I think the best way to blindside Apple in the next couple of years is to find an amazing solution to this problem, because, for all the great things they’re doing, Apple most likely won’t. (Lukas mentions webOS.)

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