From Brent Simmons’s blog inessential:

So here are my two pleas:

  1. Use dot notation for properties.
  2. Do not use dot notation for non-properties.

This. So much this.1

I am in the process of imposing these rules, property by property, in a codebase I have recently inherited, for exactly the reason Brent suggests:2 avoiding the need for multiple searches in order to find all the usages of a single thing.

Future versions of Xcode could help with this, but in lieu of clang-y goodness, it’s amusing to me that Brent and I hit on exactly the same way of threading the needle.

Are there more of us out there, muttering under our breath during our find/replace sprees?


1. My first thought here was, “But an Objective-C blog post should be called Self, not This.” So I am sharing that thought with you.

2. Well, also because I love organizing things.

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