It has occurred to me, since I started writing and podcasting in more depth about Xcode 4, that a caveat is in order.

It’s not a secret that I worked at Apple for a bunch of years. It’s been in my About page on this blog since the beginning.

What I haven’t said publicly is that I worked on Xcode itself—the application—for all those years.

Is that a conflict of interest? Am I going easier on it because some of my code might live on somewhere in the newest version? Am I criticizing it more harshly as an ex-employee?

Hopefully, none of the above.

I did ship some features in Xcode 3. But I can say that, with one or two very trivial exceptions which I’ll avoid talking about here, there are none of my fingerprints on Xcode 4.

In my mind, that frees me to discuss it like any of you would.

Well, maybe not exactly like you would; I’ve been thinking a whole lot about developer tools, so I have more of an interest in exploring in detail the highs and lows of Xcode 4 than most other folks. And, unfettered either by personal involvement or Apple’s shroud of secrecy, I intend to continue doing just that.

But I figured you should hear about my…particular background now rather than later.

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