Portrait Schmortrait

Since you did so well with my last iOS rotation question, I’ve got another one for you.

In the code I’m working on, we show a login screen if you’ve timed out, by inserting the login view as a subview of the current view. We should be using presentViewController:animated:completion: or some sort of navigation controller push, but we’re not, and can’t switch to anything like that for this release.

The login screen, on the iPhone and iPod touch, should be in portrait. (Again, whether this is the best idea or not is a question for another time.)

The standard rotation APIs are good at keeping you from switching away from your current orientation — for example, preventing you from switching from portrait to landscape if you started out in portrait. But what they aren’t good at doing is, if you’re already in landscape, forcing the view to show itself in portrait. And you need this if you want to actually enforce a portrait-only view, so it seems like an important omission to me.

There is a hack that works in iOS 5, documented in this Stack Overflow question, to force a view to display in a particular orientation regardless of the physical orientation. But it doesn’t work in iOS 6.

So anybody know of a new hack that will work in iOS 6? Or, better yet, a less hacky fix that will work in all OSes? I’ve made a new GitHub project, Portrait Schmortrait, that demonstrates the problem (and the working iOS 5 hack). Thoughts? Contact me in the comments here or on Twitter.

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