The Sound of My Voice

Want to download something that contains my dulcet tones other than an Edge Cases podcast episode? If so, you might want to act fast. (Or you may not: see Updates at bottom.)

As you probably know, for the moment, you can go and access Apple’s WWDC presentations for 2012, 2011, and 2010 directly from their website. You can also access them through iTunes, where you can download them (in high def or standard def) and have access to them forever, something I recommend if there’s a particular older session you find useful.

If you look closely on that iTunes page, however (again, for the moment), you’ll see that there’s also a link for WWDC 2009 sessions, both Mac and iPhone.

And if you look in those, you’ll find, under both sections, Session 418 “Customizing Xcode for Your Development Workflow”. Or you could follow these links directly: current Mac link, current iPhone link. Let me know if those don’t work. (Update: the Mac link may not work for everyone.)

That was the last session I helped to present at WWDC.

It’s interesting for me to go back and listen to how I sound and how I present myself. No “Um”s or “So”s here! No stupid jokes. (Well, fewer stupid jokes.) We practiced over and over and over again. Practiced the wording, practiced the pacing, practiced the demos.

For Edge Cases, we don’t practice at all, and there is at most a few hours of preparation. So: a lot less polished, but I can speak my mind. It’s worth the tradeoff, I think.

Note that knowing me or the other presenters is probably the only reason to download this. In the session, we’re talking about Xcode 3, since superseded by Xcode 4 and later WWDC sessions.

And I suspect that sometime after they get around to releasing the sessions for WWDC 2013, promised to be during the conference itself in a few weeks, the oldest sessions will go away for good.

P.S. Speaking of which, did anyone download the 2007 (found it!) and 2008 (found it!) 2006 WWDC sessions when they were available? I’d love to get a copy of my session from that year, too.

Update #1: Thanks to Neil in the comments, I see that there are in fact some older sessions available back to 2004.

Whether you think older session downloads are in danger depends on whether you think there were more/all sessions original available for those years, and they dropped some of them over time, or whether you think that these limited sessions were all that were ever available, and so no culling has ever occurred.

I kind of hope it’s the former, because while the newly-revealed sessions do include the 2008 session I was looking for, they don’t include the 2007 session I wanted. So: still looking for that.

Update #2: OK, so I’ve found the 2007 and 2008 sessions I wanted, which were there all the time. My fault! But it turns out I had forgotten I’d done a session in 2006, too. The 2006 sessions are really sparse, and I don’t think I’m making a mistake when I say I can’t find my session there. So, at the risk of repeating myself: still looking for that.

3 thoughts on “The Sound of My Voice”

  1. The older WWDC session videos are still up in iTunes, just buried away, look under Mac Development Resources, then in your case Developer Tools, you have tabs going far back as 2004. I’m having problem with downloads at the moment, hopefully it’s just temporary. Btw, a while back, I had a listen to your Refactoring session from 2008, I thought you had quite a casual style, very similar to Edge Cases 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info! *Smacks head* Should’ve seen that.

      The 2008 session wasn’t just about refactoring, so if you’re referring to the one that was, that’s the 2007 one (which I’m still looking for).

  2. I have no problem downloading the 2007 sessions, including Session 312 – Refactoring in Xcode: Automatic Project-wide Code Changes, it’s under Mac Development Resources, Developer Tools. Unfortunately there is a problem with the 2009 sessions, I get an authorisation error when trying to download the videos hosted on

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