My Lists from 2010

If you have blogging software, you’ll often have a bunch of old draft posts, which just keep getting more and more outdated, greet you every time you open the app.

My version of this is two posts, “10 Things I Was Proud of as an Apple Engineer” and “10 Things I Wasn’t Proud of as an Apple Engineer”, started in 2010 after I left Apple.

I finished the first one, but the references in it are too old to post now. And I didn’t even get to 10 on the second; I was only able to think of 9. So I’m just going to publish the lists as-is, for a bit of nostalgia:


99-cent songs
No-DRM music
Environmentally-friendly progress on hardware
Infrastructure-improvements-only Snow Leopard
OS X-based mobile strategy
iOS itself
iOS’s delayed, done-right multitasking introduction

Not Proud:

“100 features” nonsense
Increasingly cheap WWDC amenities
Killing WWDC feedback sessions
Breaking own HI guidelines
Ongoing BugReporter crappiness
Suing bloggers
Suing competitors
App Store review arbitrariness
Corporate war with Google

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