Rolling Forward

Now that I’ve talked about the old blogs I subscribed to back in 2010, what about the new blogs I’ve found since then?

New Blogs
Here are the blogs that, for the most part, started around or after my 2010 post, so I didn’t include them then:

Florian Kugler: iOS, Mac, and Web Development by Florian Kugler (floriankugler on Twitter). Wrote some interesting performance posts back in April-May of last year. Posting has been light recently.
iOS Unit Testing by Ron Lisle (rlisle on Twitter). Explores TDD for iOS.
The Mental Blog: Software with Intellect by Drew McCormack (drewmccormack on Twitter), author of ICACloud referenced in Edge Cases 77.
The Shape of Everything by Gus Mueller (ccgus on Twitter), author of Acorn. Gives monthly “status reports” on his life as an indie developer.
iOS Development by Ole Begemann (olebegemann on Twitter). Wrote NSProgress post referenced in Edge Cases 84.
The UI Observatory by Jochen Wolters (jochenwolters on Twitter). Interesting analysis and details of user interfaces on (mostly) OS X.

Old-Timers I Missed?
Here are the blogs that were around then, or if they weren’t, are by old-timers who were.

carpeaqua by indie developer Justin Williams (justin on Twitter), now owner of the Glassboard sharing platform. Posts frequently.
Cocoa Is My Girlfriend by Marcus Zarra and others. Terrible name, great technical posts.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programmers by Graham Lee (secboffin on Twitter), previously called Secure Mac Programming (the change is explained here). Unusual, unique, smart philosophical musings about development.

There are quite a few new resources that exist to tell you about Cocoa development articles and other resources. This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor necessarily the best, just the ones I’ve found so far.

iOS Dev Weekly weekly email newsletter by Dave Verwer (daveverwer on Twitter)
iOS Dev Tools by Adam Swinden (iOSDevTools on Twitter)
Cocoa Snippets by Guilherme Rambo (_inside on Twitter)
iOS Developer Tips by John Muchow (iOS_Dev_Tips on Twitter)

Full-Featured Articles
The next two aren’t blogs, exactly. is a self-described “periodical about best practices and advanced techniques in Objective-C”. It is professionally written (in part by Florian Kugler, mentioned above) and well edited. You can subscribe to it.

NSHipster calls itself a “journal” and comes out every week (I believe). It is also very well written and professional, and it’s by Mattt Thompson (mattt on Twitter).

As I discuss in Edge Cases 86, these feel more to me like tutorial books than blogs, and feel in part like they’re trying to take the place of Apple’s documentation by introducing topics not as “here’s an interesting thing that I found”, but rather as “this is all you need to know about X”.

Maybe, with so many people new to the community, that’s what we need now, because Apple surely isn’t going to be putting out weekly tutorials anytime soon. But it’s going to take me a while to get used to.

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