Installing CocoaPods: What Works for Me

I’m making this post mostly to have a reminder for myself.

Recently, I wound up on a Mac that didn’t have CocoaPods installed.

The instructions on the Install tab of say to type this on the command line:

sudo gem install cocoapods

That does work.

But I run in to problems if I then move directly on to the instructions on the Get Started tab and make myself a Podfile and type this on the command line:

pod install

In my experience, if I do this, I get an error saying it can’t find whatever Pod I specify, even if I know that Pod exists and is available to me.

Quite frustrating.

The solution, which I found, like every self-respecting programmer does, on Stack Overflow, is to type this:

pod setup

For me, this command takes forever and eventually errors out, but it succeeds enough to allow my pod install command to start working.

So if you didn’t already know the magic command: now you do.

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