Object Permanence in Roll20

About a year ago, I described how you, as GM (Game Master), could improve to your players’ token settings — but how these improvements couldn’t be made “sticky”, i.e. wouldn’t persist if your players dragged their token onto a new Roll20 page.

Turns out, they can be made permanent — if you take a particular extra step.

  1. First, follow all the steps from this post.
  2. Then, select the token on the current Roll20 map page, and go back to the Edit window.
  3. Now, in the Default Token (Optional) box, the Use Selected Token button should be enabled. Click that. This should make that selected token the default token, including all the settings changes you’ve just made to it.

Now, every time the player drags out that character’s token, it should be configured the way you want.

There’s no step four!